Customer Feedback

Hi, Benny Joe~ My husband, Matt and I were out at Steve's last Wednesday when you were working on his horses and the horses my friends the Priests brought from Waskom. I wanted to let you know that I was impressed with your manners and skill level, Connie (Jan Priest's mare) had never in her life had shoes on, yet she allowed you to work on her with no trouble. She can be temperamental so I was glad that she trusted you enough to stand quietly. 

I happened to catch your spot on GMT Monday morning, sure was surprised to see that you were the farrier but they couldn't have chosen a better one, in my opinion! Finally found your website after finding your facebook page. Your daughter is so cute! Hope to see you again, some time. Joe Yoder is our farrier, and I am very impressed with him too. I know that he trained under you so wanted you to know. Joe and I both moved here from Michigan, turns out that we were raised in areas of Michigan that were very close to one another, North Branch and Brown City. Small world! Congratulations on your GMT appearance!

Chris Stephenson
Cleburne, Texas